Milwaukee River – Remediation Project Spring ’23

Hello Paddlers,

The Milwaukee River directly across from us and upriver at the Confluence near Screaming Tuna Sushi & Asian Bistro will be under construction this Spring and Summer for a large dredging project.

This is going to make an impact on navigation on the river and we want to continue to stress the importance of safety.

This project will impact our water quality now and for future generations, in a positive way. There are many qualified professionals working on this project and have been for a long time. It’s now just coming to fruition where we can see their progress and the process.

To read about this project, please visit the Waterway Restoration Project below.

Please keep up to date and share the website with everyone you know who may find this interesting or who paddle on our rivers. Communication, being smart and having an understanding of this project will help everyone.

Thanks and let’s have a safe season. – Beth @ MKC

MKC is owned and operated by Beth Handle, who grew up on the north side of Milwaukee. Beth is active in our community and is on the Board of Directors for Milwaukee Riverkeeper and Milwaukee Riverwalk.