8 solid reasons to go kayaking

Reasons to go kayaking with in Milwaukee (and especially with) Milwaukee Kayak Company. 

  1. It’s sunny out!  The city is so beautiful when the sunlight sparkles off the building and the river, summers here are unbeatable for that reason exactly. 
  2. If you’re visiting. The best way to immerse yourself in the city is to do so right from the heart of the city.  
  3. You can bring your dogs!
  4. If you enjoy people watching the river is a relaxing place to sit back and observe sights you can’t see on foot. 
  5. It’s a workout. Yes, for your arms and your core too! And after your paddle, you can select one of Milwaukee’s many breweries to toast to your accomplishments at. 
  6. The photo ops! From the quiet waterfowl to the sun sparkling off of downtown, the photo options along the river are endless. 
  7. You really want to listen to that song out on the water.  Something about a song hits differently when the sun ripples the notes right back at you.  
  8. Kayaking with a partner builds noticeable trust within the relationship.  After just one paddling trip customers are more open and confident. 

If you really want to see the city, see it from the river. 

MKC is owned and operated by Beth Handle, who grew up on the north side of Milwaukee. Beth is active in our community and is on the Board of Directors for Milwaukee Riverkeeper and Milwaukee Riverwalk.